The History of MGS


Birth of Maranatha Junior School

What began only as an idea to deliver quality education to students and offering peace of mind to parents became reality on the second of February, 2009, as Maranatha Junior School was born with compliment of 42 children


Birth of Maranatha high School

Having established a successful and vibrant Junior School, the vision continued to linger in the minds of the Maranatha family about a school that would continue to perpetuate and bolster the Maranatha tradition – a tradition of success and quality education. Maranatha Christian High was born in 2011 as a strategy to offer complete basic and senior secondary education.


Birth of Maranatha Kadoma

Maranatha opens a Junior School and Senior School in Kadoma

About Maranatha Group of Schools

We are an independent private schools, with pre-school, junior and high schools offering quality education. The schools were born out of the need to provide quality education to the children from middle and upper class families. We are a community of enthusiastic learners and our staff comprises dedicated, passionate and caring professionals. We have small class sizes and dynamic teachers as well as a diverse curriculum. Students are afforded many special opportunities to expose them to the richness of the world beyond school. We have dynamic teachers who are committed to making school a meaningful and exciting experience for our students.



Mr G. Mafara

Deputy Head(High School:Harare)



Mr E. Sungayi

Head(High School:Kadoma)


Mrs R. Mbiriyakura
Head (Junior School:Harare)


Mr D. Mharadze
Head (Junior School:Kadoma)


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Stnd. No. 8360, Lot 14, Harare Drive Tynwald, Harare, Zimbabwe

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